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Explore Our Expert Garden Maintenance & Design Services below.

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Garden Maintenance

Discover flexible maintenance plans tailored to your property: From weekly to seasonal services, our comprehensive packages include pruning, weeding, hedge shaping, and fertilization for vibrant, healthy gardens. Rest assured, our dedicated team prioritizes quality for lasting beauty.

Bark and Woodchip
Mulch installation

Mulch enhances garden beds aesthetically and maintains soil moisture, reduces weeds, and boosts plant health by acting as a protective layer. It retains moisture, regulates soil temperature, and protects roots, ensuring a vibrant garden. Our professional mulch installation services ensure year-round resilience and beauty.

Custom Planter Design

Our custom containers are tailored to enhance small patios, entryways, courtyards, pool decks, or add height and variation within your garden design. They serve as versatile focal points, effortlessly revitalizing and adding character to any outdoor space.

Ornamental Garden Design

Our approach to perennial garden design incorporates native plants that not only thrive in our environment but also complement the aesthetics of your home. We carefully select plant species that offer long-lasting beauty, seasonal interest, and ecological benefits, ensuring a harmonious and sustainable garden that enhances the overall appeal of your property.

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Irrigation Assessment

Our expert team conducts comprehensive checks to identify and address issues such as leaks, inefficient water usage, and uneven coverage. We ensure that your irrigation system operates at optimal efficiency, minimizing water waste and promoting healthy plant growth.

Drip Line Installation & Repair

Our skilled team specializes in the installation and repair of drip lines, catering to both new design installations and resolving leaks in existing systems. Whether you're looking to optimize water delivery for new garden designs or fix leaks to ensure efficient irrigation, our team delivers reliable solutions tailored to your needs.

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Spring & Fall Garden Clean Up Services

During spring, we clear winter debris, shape hedges, and apply mulch for optimal garden health. In fall, we trim perennial beds, grasses, and remove debris, ensuring your garden remains nourished through Colorado's winters. Leave your leaves to maintain soil moisture and prepare for a vibrant spring bloom.

Indoor plants on the windowsill
Indoor Planter Design & Care

Our house plant design and installation services bring tropical foliage into your home, enhancing interior design aesthetics while purifying the air. Experience the practical benefits of indoor plants and let Ashley Lynn craft planters tailored to your lighting, style, and personality, creating a harmonious and inviting indoor oasis.

Garden Coaching

Ashley Lynn offers expert garden coaching for those who want to enhance their outdoor oasis while getting their hands dirty. From initial consultations to tailored action plans, she guides you in choosing healthy plants and offers greenhouse tours to deepen your knowledge. Settle into your gardening passion with confidence, knowing you have an expert to nurture your skills and help your garden thrive.


Consultation Details

Landscape Design

Our landscape design consultations are $100 for an hour. After assessing the project during the first hour, we provide an estimate for the design planning. Once approved, we create a detailed proposal including a custom Plant Palette and project stage breakdown. Upon client approval, we set an installation date to bring the vision to life.

Garden Maintenance

New clients pay a $60 consultation fee for garden maintenance or clean-up projects. This fee covers a 30-minute meeting to discuss goals and expectations for the project. After the meeting,  estimates are provided, and clients receive our 2024 Maintenance Agreement which outlines all project details.

Planter Design

Our Planter Design Consultation fee is $80, covering a 30-minute meeting with our designer to understand your outdoor space. It includes creating a custom Plant Palette and project budget. Once the project plan is confirmed, we'll set a project date. Installation timelines vary based on project scope.

Transforming Restaurant Spaces

Enhance ambiance and attract more customers with our custom design and maintenance services.

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