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Frequently Asked Questions


Garden Maintenance

All maintenance packages are tailored around your needs, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and seasonal. Most clients enjoy bi-weekly services. If you’re looking for a manicured property then we recommend weekly visits.


How do you charge for maintenance visits?

Our gardeners are billed hourly for each garden lead and garden helper onsite. Garden leads are $48/hour and Helpers are $38/hour. If you’re on a budget, please let us know and we’ll work on the problem areas first to ensure they are controlled after our visit.


Do you mow lawns?

We do not provide lawn maintenance services.


Tree Trimming?

We are not a license arborist but can recommend local companies to collect bids from.


How long does an average maintenance visit take?

Typically, it is 1-4 hours, but it all depends on how large the property is, how many crew members are on site, and how often we visit.


When do you begin spring clean ups?

We typically reserve the month of April to conduct Spring Clean-ups and will circle back for routine maintenance by June 1st. If a client wishes to begin their maintenance earlier, then we can accommodate their request.


When is it safe to plant?

Usually after the last frost but truly depends on which area of Colorado you live in. If you live in Denver or along the front range mountains, last week in May or the first week in June should be safe.


How far will your team travel for work?

The business services central Denver but will make an exception if it's a larger project or for seasonal maintenance clients. Please always contact us to see if we will work in your area if you live outside the Denver front range. Expect to pay an additional fuel charge for longer distances. 

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