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Garden Design by Ashley Lynn was created 8 years ago with the mission of providing reliable and quality service. We specialize in seasonal custom planter arrangements, garden maintenance and small urban landscape designs for residential properties. Our experienced team have the skills and knowledge to transform any outdoor space into something truly unique and beautiful. We are a talented crew that takes pride in bringing the beauty of nature to your home. . 

Our Vision

It's our mission to evolve as a company that is progressive with the changes in our environment. We encourage our clients to use native plant species, use water conscious methods, and create urban landscapes that regenerate the soil and attract pollinators. 

"We are making Denver beautiful, one garden at a time."


- Ashley Lynn

Owner and founder  

Regenerative Gardening 
Image by Roman Synkevych 🇺🇦

Soil Amendment​


Amending our soil is the best way to ensure the microbiome has what it needs to continue the regenerative cycle beneath the soil bed. When your home garden is struggling to sustain life, the best solution is a quality soil base. When planting a new or existing garden it's wise to take advantage of this time to return organic matter to the soil to improve the health of the garden. GDAL offers this service with every plant installation we do.    


Native Plant Species 


Denver Colorado is a high desert plain. It's challenging to bring in plant species that are not acclimated to the dry desert climate.There are a wide variety of native high dessert plants that thrive with limited water consumption after established. Please reach out to us if you're interested in learning more about native gardening. 

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