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Your Professional Garden Maintenance & Design Service


"Ashley is a lovely young woman with integrity. Her company provides consistent quality service during every routine visit. This will be our 3rd season together and I am looking forward to her new planter designs!"

David, Greenwood Village CO

"Arrived right on time - early even. Did the work quickly, efficiently and exactly as we had discussed. Will certainly contact Ashley again!"

Andi, Littleton CO

"Ashley has been fantastic and has done a wonderful job. She came to the house and did a consultation, she understood exactly what my husband and I wanted done in our yard. She sent a quote broken out in phases as well as the materials needed so that we could purchase everything and keep costs low. We will be hiring her to finish phase 2 and 3 in the spring."

Emily, Denver CO



Our services grow with each new season! 



Our team takes pride in consistent quality care for garden maintenance. Routine maintenance includes weeding, pruning, hedge shaping, grooming and debris removal. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenance contracts can be arranged to meet individual needs. We are currently accepting residential clients for the 2022 season in Denver, Golden and Boulder. 



Our designer works closely with each client to understand their unique vision. Custom planter displays can reflect personal expression! It's an easy way to create a grand entrance, brighten an empty corner and simply transform any neglected space into a personal healing retreat. Let's create the perfect combination to grow around your heart space. 



Watering, mulch, hardscape, planting and design, oh yes!

It's true, we are a small gardening business but like to offer extra services with our quality care and creativity.


When you're out of town and can't phone a friend, please know we offer hand watering services to nourish your plants while you're away. 


After spring clean up or in preparation for winter, it's wise to dress your beds and retain moisture!


Installation of landscape edging, walkways, and gravel beds are a great way to create curve appeal with designer flare! Gravel boarders are low maintenance and create year long contrast. Need some extra curve appeal? Landscape edging can be used to define boundaries and enhance frame work within a particular design style. Finally, custom walkways open an opportunity to take meditative strolls through your unique garden oasis! 


Finally, design is a service that is included in everything we do! If you're looking for a way to feng shui your neglected outdoor space, then give us a call for a consultation. You can then put our listening skills to the test while we tailor a cohesive design for your aspirations!



Let's face it, if you're going to invest in your garden then why not get the most out of it? Watching your garden grow and actually rewarding yourself from the fruits of your labor is worth every dime! We can help you plan and install an edible garden that can be harvested throughout the growing season. If you think your outdoor space is too small, we'll come up with creative solutions that might test your logic! Getting creative and thinking with our gut is what drives our ambition! Herbal arrangements, lettuce delight, and sweet pea nasturtium are a few possible examples. Let us help you become vibrant by eating what you love to grow! 


Important Steps For an Abundant Garden Season to Come!

Image by John Price


Shape, clip, cut & clean!

Properly winterizing the garden will help plants survive the short days and bitter nights of winter. Allow us to tidy up the garden by removing spent stalks and other plant debris that might become a winter incubator for pests and disease. We'll remove the dead and dying foliage that will give your garden a well manicured look all winter long. 


Winterizing Includes: 

- Removal of invasive weeds 

- Clipping back dying foliage

- Digging up seasonal bulbs 

- Mulching over clipped perennials

- Hydration check of evergreens

- Burlap protection from woodland friends and the intense winter sun

- Tying of fragile shrubbery to prevent broken branches from high winds and heavy snow fall

Image by Sergey Shmidt


Give the bulbs some love!

If you enjoy seeing daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths bloom in the spring, keep in mind that these bulbs need to be planted in the fall. So if you think autumn's the time to stop gardening, think again! Planning ahead for spring blossoms is what every gardener looks forward to at the end of winter. Invite our team to design bulb planters for your front entry or plant pockets of color to contrast along the garden beds. It's never too early to think about how you want the garden to look after the depths of winter! Reach out to us in September and get your bulb order in before the fall! 


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​Sunday: Closed

Have questions about your next project? Let's connect!

Contact GDAL to discuss how to create intention and purpose for your garden.

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Ashley Lynn Bauer 

Ashley Lynn began growing her business in Colorado Springs CO, during the spring of 2017. Her knowledge for gardening is backed by 20 plus years of hands on experience thanks to her knowledgeable family of gardeners back home in NY. She has completed the certificate program for Master Gardener and continues to take courses at the Denver Botanical gardens. Ashley's personal integrity and dedication to her clients are reflected in every design she creates. She has proven with persistence and confidence, an ambitious heart can open the right door to a self-fulfilling future. 


Contact GDAL today to schedule a consultation for your next gardening venture! 

Thank you for visiting, be well and stay vibrant! - Ashley Lynn

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